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This is supported on crate feature frame only.
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Provides the Frame type that represents a RSocket protocol frame, and utilities for encoding/decoding frames into/from byte arrays.


Implementation of RSocket frame types and frame codec.


Frame header flags.

Payload of a RSocket frame.

Construct a Payload with optional Data and/or Metadata.

An iterator that yields chunked payload.

The 24-bit unsigned integer type.

Version number of the RSocket protocol.


Errors that can occur when decoding bytes into a specific frame failed.

A frame in the RSocket protocol.

Type of frame.


The maximum value 31-bit unsigned integer can hold.

The maximum value 63-bit unsigned integer can hold.


A trait for decoding bytes into a frame.

A trait for encoding a frame into bytes.

Type Definitions

The data field of a Payload.

The meatadata field of a Payload.