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A simple stream-based bilibili live client library.

Minimum supported rust version: 1.53.0

Runtime Support

This crate supports both tokio and async-std runtime.

tokio support is enabled by default. While used on an async-std runtime, change the corresponding dependency in Cargo.toml to

bililive = { version = "0.1", default-features = false, features = ["async-native-tls"] }

See Crates Features section for more.


  • Ergonomic Stream/Sink interface.
  • Easy establishment of connection via given live room id.
  • Handles heartbeat packets automatically.
  • Auto retry when connection fails (optional).
  • Decompresses Zlib payloads automatically.


use bililive::connect::tokio::connect_with_retry;
use bililive::errors::Result;
use bililive::{ConfigBuilder, RetryConfig};

use futures::StreamExt;
use log::info;
use serde_json::Value;

let config = ConfigBuilder::new()

let mut stream = connect_with_retry(config, RetryConfig::default()).await?;
while let Some(e) = {
    match e {
        Ok(packet) => {
            info!("raw: {:?}", packet);
            if let Ok(json) = packet.json::<Value>() {
                info!("json: {:?}", json);
        Err(e) => {
            info!("err: {:?}", e);

Crate Features

  • tokio-native-tls(default): Enables tokio support with TLS implemented via tokio-native-tls.
  • tokio-rustls-native-certs: Enables tokio support with TLS implemented via tokio-rustls and uses native system certificates found with rustls-native-certs.
  • tokio-rustls-webpki-roots: Enables tokio support with TLS implemented via tokio-rustls and uses the certificates webpki-roots provides.
  • async-native-tls: Enables async_std support with TLS implemented via async-native-tls.


bililive config builder.

Configuration types.

Connection related functions and types.

Error types.

Packet types.

Bilibili live stream.


A wrapper around an underlying websocket stream (w/o retry) which implements bilibili live protocol.

bililive stream config builder.

Bililive packet.

The configuration for retry behavior.

The configuration for bilibili live stream connection.


The main error type.

Live event types.

Protocol types.