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A small wrapper around the Google BigQuery Storage API.

The BigQuery Storage API allows reading BigQuery tables by serializing their contents into efficient, concurrent streams. The official API supports both binary serialized Arrow and AVRO formats, but this crate only supports outputting Arrow RecordBatch at the moment.


  1. You will need some form of authentication, provided by an Authenticator.
  2. You will first need to create a Client, with Client::new.
  3. Reading tables is done in read sessions. In this crate, this is handled by Client::read_session_builder.
  4. After that you will have a ReadSession, which is a small wrapper around a collection of read streams. Go through the streams with ReadSession::next_stream.
  5. Each storage stream is wrapped in a RowsStreamReader. This will let you consume the stream into an Arrow StreamReader, at which point the data will actually be downloaded.


use bigquery_storage::{Table, Client};

async fn main() -> Result<(), Box<dyn std::error::Error>> {
    // 1. Load the desired secret (here, a service account key)
    let sa_key = yup_oauth2::read_service_account_key("clientsecret.json")

    // 2. Create an Authenticator
    let auth = yup_oauth2::ServiceAccountAuthenticator::builder(sa_key)

    // 3. Create a Client
    let mut client = Client::new(auth).await?;

    // Reading the content of a table `bigquery-public-beta:london_bicycles.cycle_stations`
    let test_table = Table::new(

    // Create a new ReadSession; the `parent_project_id` is the ID of the GCP project
    // that owns the read job. This does not download any data.
    let mut read_session = client

    // Take the first stream in the queue for this ReadSession.
    let stream_reader = read_session
        .expect("did not get any stream");

    // The stream is consumed to yield an Arrow StreamReader, which does download the
    // data.
    let mut arrow_stream_reader = stream_reader

    let arrow_record_batch = arrow_stream_reader
        .expect("no record batch");



For authentication you need an Authenticator, which is provided by the yup_oauth2 crate.


pub use yup_oauth2;
pub use client::*;
pub use read::*;



The main module of this crate.


Codegenerated from google.cloud.bigquery.storage.v1.




Encompassing error enum for this crate.