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BGPd-rs is a BGP peering utility

BGPd can be started via the CLI:

$ bgpd run path/to/config.toml

The config TOML file is where you specify global BGP attributes and configure peer details. Learn more about the options in the config module.

You change specify TCP port (default=179) or address (default=localhost):

$ bgpd run path/to/config.toml --port 1179 --address 2601:1179::1

The JSON RPC API server defaults to localhost:8080, but can also be specified:

  • --api-addr 2601:1179::1
  • --api-port 80

View more detailed logging by setting log verbosity (additive)

  • -v DEBUG
  • -vv TRACE
  • -vvv TRACE (including tokio logs)

To update the daemon with an updated config while it’s running, send a SIGHUP:

pkill -1 bgpd$

The following peer items will be updated:

  • Peers added, removed, enabled, disabled
  • Active/passive polling for idle peers
  • *Hold Timer
  • *Supported Families

*When not in an active session only, since these are negotiated in the OPEN



BGPd CLI for interacting with a running BGPd process

TOML Config Manager Peers and their config are defined in TOML format.

BGPd TCP listener

BGP Route Store

BGP Session Manager & Utils

Misc BGP Message & Peer processing utilities