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§Official integration of Rapier to the Bevy game engine

Rapier is a set of two Rust crates rapier2d and rapier3d for efficient cross-platform physics simulation. Its target application include video games, animation, robotics, etc.

The bevy_rapier projects implements two other crates bevy_rapier2d and bevy_rapier3d which defines physics plugins for the Bevy game engine.

User documentation for bevy_rapier is on the official Rapier site.



  • Components related to character control.
  • Components related to physics dynamics (rigid-bodies, velocities, etc.)
  • Components related to physics geometry (colliders, collision-groups, etc.)
  • Type aliases to select the right vector/rotation types based on the dimension used by the engine.
  • Components and resources related to the physics simulation workflow (events, hooks, etc.)
  • The physics plugin and systems.
  • Groups the most often used types.
  • The debug-renderer.
  • Miscellaneous helper functions.