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Core functionality and types required for bevy_mod_picking to function.


  • This module provides a simple interface for implementing a picking backend.
  • Processes data from input and backends, producing interaction events.
  • Determines which entities are being hovered by which pointers.
  • Types and systems for pointer inputs, such as position and buttons.


  • Receives input events, and provides the shared types used by other picking plugins.
  • Generates Pointer events and handles event bubbling.
  • An optional component that overrides default picking behavior for an entity, allowing you to make an entity non-hoverable, or allow items below it to be hovered. See the documentation on the fields for more details.
  • Used to globally toggle picking features at runtime.
  • Components needed to build a pointer. Multiple pointers can be active at once, with each pointer being an entity.


  • Groups the stages of the picking process under shared labels.