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Bevy 9-Patch plugin

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Implementation of 9-patch images in Bevy. Let you have a UI that scale only the right parts of your images.

9 patch example

See the examples for what can be done.

Simple usage

After adding the NinePatchPlugin plugin, spawning an Entity with the NinePatchBundle component bundle will add a 9-patch UI element.

A simple builder based on Godot’s NinePatchRect is available.

use bevy::prelude::*;
use bevy_ninepatch::*;

fn setup(
    mut commands: Commands,
    asset_server: Res<AssetServer>,
    mut nine_patches: ResMut<Assets<NinePatchBuilder<()>>>,
) {
    // Texture for the base image
    let panel_texture_handle = asset_server.load("assets/glassPanel_corners.png");

    // Create a basic 9-Patch UI element with margins of 20 pixels
    let nine_patch_handle = nine_patches.add(NinePatchBuilder::by_margins(20, 20, 20, 20));

    // This entity will be placed in the center of the 9-Patch UI element
    let content_entity = commands.spawn(TextBundle { ..Default::default() }).id();

        NinePatchBundle {
            style: Style {
                margin: UiRect::all(Val::Auto),
                justify_content: JustifyContent::Center,
                align_items: AlignItems::Center,
                size: Size::new(Val::Px(500.), Val::Px(300.)),
            nine_patch_data: NinePatchData::with_single_content(

See example for a complete example.

Changing element size

The component Style can be changed to update the size of the 9-Patch UI element, by changing the size attribute.

See example for a complete example.

Specify content to use

You can specify the content to be used inside the 9-Patch UI element. When creating a 9-Patch by specifying the margins, a content zone will be available by default for the center of the 9-Patch UI element. This can be set with the NinePatchContent component.

See example for a complete example.

More flexible definition

It is possible to set any number of patches for an image, the only constraints is that all patches in a line must have the same height. Using this methods, different parts of the image can grow at different rates, and several content zones can be created.

See example for a complete example.

Bevy Compatibility



  • NinePatch ready to be added to entities.
  • Holds the patches of a nine patch texture
  • Component Bundle to place the NinePatch
  • Component to mark the entity placed for the content of the 9-Patch UI element
  • State of the current NinePatch
  • Plugin that will add the system and the resource for nine patch
  • Describe a patch in the original image, how it should grow and if it can have content