pub trait DoryenApi {
    // Required methods
    fn con(&mut self) -> &mut Console;
    fn input(&mut self) -> &mut dyn InputApi;
    fn fps(&self) -> u32;
    fn average_fps(&self) -> u32;
    fn set_font_path(&mut self, font_path: &str);
    fn get_screen_size(&self) -> (u32, u32);
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This is the complete doryen-rs API provided to you by App in Engine::update and Engine::render methods.

Required Methods§


fn con(&mut self) -> &mut Console

return the root console that you can use to draw things on the screen


fn input(&mut self) -> &mut dyn InputApi

return the input API to check user mouse and keyboard input


fn fps(&self) -> u32

return the current framerate


fn average_fps(&self) -> u32

return the average framerate since the start of the game


fn set_font_path(&mut self, font_path: &str)

replace the current font by a new one. Put your font in the static/ directory of the project to make this work with both cargo run and cargo web start. Example


During development, this references $PROJECT_ROOT/static/terminal.png. Once deployed, terminal.png should be in the same directory as your game’s executable or index.html.

By default, doryen-rs will assume the font has a 16x16 extended ASCII layout. The character size will be calculated with :

char_width = font_image_width / 16
char_height = font_image_height / 16

If your font has a different layout (that’s the case in the unicode example), you have to provide the character size by appending it to the font file name :


doryen_rs support several font format. It uses the top left pixel of the font to determin the format.

  • If the top-left pixel alpha value is < 255, this is an RGBA font.

  • If the top-left pixel alpha value is 255 and its color is black, this is a greyscale font.

  • Else, it’s an RGB font.

  • RGBA : transparency is stored in alpha channel. It can have semi-transparent pixels of any color.

  • greyscale : black pixels are transparent. Grey pixels are replaced by white semi-transparent pixels. Colored pixels are opaque. The font cannot have pure grey colors.

  • RGB : The top-left pixel’s color is transparent. The font cannot have semi-transparent pixels but it can have pure grey pixels.


fn get_screen_size(&self) -> (u32, u32)

return the current screen size