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bevy-tick-timers provides a Bevy plugin that enables the use of tick based timers.

Tick based timers are timers that operate not on real time, but on the number of state updates that occur. Each state update constitutes a “tick”.

For any timer that does not update outside of a game session, a tick based timer is preferred. This makes games more consistent and replayable (which also means they are easier to debug).


use bevy::prelude::*;
use bevy_tick_timers::{TimerPlugin, Timers};

fn add_timer(
    mut timers: ResMut<Timers>,
) {
    // Timers are closures that take the world as a mutable reference.
    timers.after(5, |_| {
        println!("timer has gone off!");

fn main() {
    println!("starting up");


A Bevy plugin that adds the Timers resource and a scheduler to execute timers each game update.

A Bevy resource that allows for the scheduling of tick based timers.