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Beryl is a format for unique identifiers. This crate is the reference implementation of that format.


Beryl identifiers, or Crystals, are encoded into 64 bits as follows:

  • Generator ID: 14-bit unsigned integer identifying the Crystal’s generator. Further segmentation is left to the application, as conflicts will not occur unless the scheme is changed unevenly over less than a millisecond.
  • Generator Counter: 8-bit unsigned integer incremented for every Crystal generated and reset each millisecond.
  • Timestamp: 42-bit unsigned integer number of milliseconds since an application-defined epoch.


Beryl defines no standard epoch which a timestamp should be measured from, as the limited timestamp size (242 milliseconds is about 140 years) may call for non-standard epochs. For ease of use, the UNIX Epoch should be best.


pub use crystal::Crystal;
pub use generator::Generator;


Utilities to generate non-conflicting Crystals


Enumeration of possible Beryl errors