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A sprite animation library for rust game development

Initially designed for bevy, it is now engine agnostic.

Get started

benimator assumes usage of texture atlas (or equivalent).

An Animation contains the list of animation frames, each frame defined by an index.

use benimator::*;

// Create an animation
let animation = Animation::from_indices(0..=3, FrameRate::from_fps(10.0));

// Create a new animation state
let mut state = State::new();

// In the game loop, for each update, tell the state how much time has elapsed
let delta_time = Duration::from_millis(250);
state.update(&animation, delta_time);

// Then get the current frame index.
// (so that we can tell our engine to render the sprite at that index)
assert_eq!(state.frame_index(), 2);

Have a look at the examples for complete examples using the bevy game engine.