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Encoding and decoding Bech32 format

Bech32 is a 5-bit (base-32) encoding scheme that produces strings that comprise a human-readable part, a separator, a data part, and a checksum. The encoding implements a BCH code that guarantees error detection of up to four characters with less than 1 in 1 billion chance of failing to detect more errors.

The Bech32 encoding was originally formulated in BIP-0173


use bech32::Bech32;

let b = Bech32 {
    hrp: "bech32".to_string(), 
    data: vec![0x00, 0x01, 0x02] 
let encoded = b.to_string().unwrap();
assert_eq!(encoded, "bech321qpz4nc4pe".to_string());
let c = Bech32::from_string(encoded);
assert_eq!(b, c.unwrap());



Grouping structure for the human-readable part and the data part of decoded Bech32 string.



Error types for Bech32 encoding / decoding