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This crate is a collection of core structures for Bitcoin Dev Kit.

The goal of this crate is to give wallets the mechanisms needed to:

  1. Figure out what data they need to fetch.
  2. Process the data in a way that never leads to inconsistent states.
  3. Fully index that data and expose it to be consumed without friction.

Our design goals for these mechanisms are:

  1. Data source agnostic – nothing in bdk_chain cares about where you get data from or whether you do it synchronously or asynchronously. If you know a fact about the blockchain, you can just tell bdk_chain’s APIs about it, and that information will be integrated, if it can be done consistently.
  2. Data persistence agnostic – bdk_chain does not care where you cache on-chain data, what you cache or how you retrieve it from persistent storage.







  • Trait that “anchors” blockchain data to a specific block of height and hash.
  • An Anchor that can be constructed from a given block, block height and transaction position within the block.
  • Trait that makes an object appendable.
  • Represents a service that tracks the blockchain.
  • A trait to extend the functionality of a miniscript descriptor.
  • A persistence backend for Persist.