[][src]Enum bdk::KeychainKind

pub enum KeychainKind {

Types of keychains





Internal, usually used for change outputs


impl KeychainKind[src]

pub fn as_byte(&self) -> u8[src]

Return KeychainKind as a byte

Trait Implementations

impl AsRef<[u8]> for KeychainKind[src]

impl Clone for KeychainKind[src]

impl Copy for KeychainKind[src]

impl Debug for KeychainKind[src]

impl<'de> Deserialize<'de> for KeychainKind[src]

impl Eq for KeychainKind[src]

impl Hash for KeychainKind[src]

impl PartialEq<KeychainKind> for KeychainKind[src]

impl Serialize for KeychainKind[src]

impl StructuralEq for KeychainKind[src]

impl StructuralPartialEq for KeychainKind[src]

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