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BDK command line interface

This lib provides structopt structs and enums that parse CLI options and sub-commands from the command line or from a String vector that can be used to access features of the bdk library. Functions are also provided to handle subcommands and options and provide results via the bdk lib.

See the bdk-cli example bin for how to use this lib to create a simple command line application that demonstrates bdk wallet and key management features.

See CliOpts for global cli options and CliSubCommand for supported top level sub-commands.


// to get args from cli use:
// let cli_opts = CliOpts::from_args();

let cli_args = vec!["bdk-cli", "--network", "testnet", "wallet", "--descriptor",

let cli_opts = CliOpts::from_iter(&cli_args);
let network = cli_opts.network;

if let CliSubCommand::Wallet {
        subcommand: WalletSubCommand::OnlineWalletSubCommand(online_subcommand)
    } = cli_opts.subcommand {

    let descriptor = wallet_opts.descriptor.as_str();
    let change_descriptor = wallet_opts.change_descriptor.as_deref();

    let database = MemoryDatabase::new();

    let blockchain_config = AnyBlockchainConfig::Electrum(ElectrumBlockchainConfig {
        url: wallet_opts.electrum_opts.server.clone(),
        socks5: wallet_opts.proxy_opts.proxy.clone(),
        retry: wallet_opts.proxy_opts.retries,
        timeout: wallet_opts.electrum_opts.timeout,
        stop_gap: wallet_opts.electrum_opts.stop_gap,
    let blockchain = AnyBlockchain::from_config(&blockchain_config).expect("blockchain");

    let wallet = Wallet::new(

    let result = bdk_cli::handle_online_wallet_subcommand(&wallet, &blockchain, online_subcommand).expect("result");
    println!("{}", serde_json::to_string_pretty(&result).unwrap());


pub extern crate bdk;
pub use structopt;


Global options

Electrum options

Proxy Server options

Wallet options


CLI sub-commands

Key sub-command

Offline Wallet sub-command

Online Wallet sub-command

Wallet sub-commands


Execute the miniscript compiler sub-command

Execute a key sub-command

Execute an offline wallet sub-command

Execute an online wallet sub-command