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bcheck provides the ability to read bcheck files generated from the application BCheckbook When using this crate in conjunction with serde_json in your own project, it is also possible to generate the files too, though I am hoping to find a way to extend Vector, so that it can all be done via this crate.

Quick Start

The easiest way to get things working, after adding the crate as a dependency would be like this:

use bcheck::{ Record, Transaction, TransactionType };
fn main() {
    if let Ok(records) = Record::from_file("/Users/bob/Docuents/transactions.bcheck") {
        for record in records {
            println!("{}", record.transaction.vendor)

The above code will attempt to load a file, according the Mac OS file structure, and print out the vendor field of each record.


A wrapper around floats providing implementations of Eq, Ord, and Hash.

Represents an entry in a check register

Represent a transaction made.


Represent the type of the transaction initiated.


trait that allows object to become a datetime object.

enables the ability to save data when implemented.


verify a given string uses the appropriate date format.