[][src]Module bastion::prelude

Prelude of Bastion


pub use crate::child_ref::ChildRef;
pub use crate::children::Children;
pub use crate::children_ref::ChildrenRef;
pub use crate::context::BastionContext;
pub use crate::context::BastionId;
pub use crate::context::NIL_ID;
pub use crate::envelope::RefAddr;
pub use crate::envelope::SignedMessage;
pub use crate::message::Answer;
pub use crate::message::AnswerSender;
pub use crate::message::Message;
pub use crate::message::Msg;
pub use crate::msg;
pub use crate::path::BastionPath;
pub use crate::path::BastionPathElement;
pub use crate::supervisor::ActorRestartStrategy;
pub use crate::supervisor::RestartPolicy;
pub use crate::supervisor::RestartStrategy;
pub use crate::supervisor::SupervisionStrategy;
pub use crate::supervisor::Supervisor;
pub use crate::supervisor::SupervisorRef;
pub use crate::blocking;
pub use crate::children;
pub use crate::children;
pub use crate::run;
pub use crate::spawn;
pub use crate::supervisor;
pub use crate::supervisor;



A struct allowing to access the system's API to initialize it, start, stop and kill it and to create new supervisors and top-level children groups.


A set of methods that will get called at different states of a Supervisor or Children life.


The configuration that should be used to initialize the system using Bastion::init_with.