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A library to build base16 colorschemes written in Rust.

It uses ramhorns as template engine and therefore is fairly fast.
(Around 70 ms - 200 ms for a 9 mb template I generated based on https://github.com/chriskempson/base16-templates-source.)

Getting Started

To get started use you need to create a Template and a Scheme.

A Template can be created by just reading the template file and using Template::new().

A Scheme is often created by deserializing using serde.

Neither Template nor Scheme get modified by the rendering process, which means both can be reused for efficiency.

use base16_color_scheme::{Scheme, Template};
use std::fs::read_to_string;

let template_str = read_to_string("path/to/template.mustache").unwrap();
let scheme_str = read_to_string("path/to/scheme.yml").unwrap();

let template = Template::new(template_str).unwrap();
let scheme: Scheme = serde_yaml::from_str(&scheme_str).unwrap();

    .render_to_file("path/to/rendered/template", &scheme)

How it works

Internally the crate works by implementing ramhorns’s Content trait. When the rendering process tries to look up a field, the field name gets parsed into a TemplateField. If it is a color, this color is fetched from the Scheme and formatted as specified by https://github.com/chriskempson/base16/blob/main/builder.md#template-tags.


  • pub use crate::scheme::Scheme;



  • A preprocessed form of the plain text template, ready to be rendered with data contained in types implementing the Content trait.