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badm is a tool that stores your configuration files, or dotfiles, in a directory that replicates the directory hierarchy of the dotfiles' original path, and creates symlinks to their original paths. This creates a standardized and systematic approach for managing, deploying, and sharing dotfiles among different systems and users.

badm is ultimately "But Another Dotfiles Manager".


  • ferris has created a directory to store their dotfiles at ~/.dots
  • badm set-dir ~/.dots sets the BADM dotfiles dir at ~/.dots
  • badm will search for a badm config file at one of the two valid locations: $HOME and $XDG_CONFIG_HOME. If the config file not found, badm will create it under $HOME
└── ferris
    └── .dots
        ├── .badm.toml
        └── .gitconfig
  • to store ~/.gitconfig as a dotfile, ferris runs badm stow ~/.gitconfig (relative paths work as well)
  • badm replicates the path of the dotfile under the ~/.dots directory
  • the dotfile is moved to this new path in the set dotfiles directory and symlinked at its original path which points to its new path
└── ferris
    ├── .badm.toml
    ├── .dots
    │   └── home
    │       └── ferris
    │           └── .gitconfig
    └── .gitconfig -> /home/ferris/.dots/home/ferris/.gitconfig


  • badm set-dir <DIRECTORY> - set dotfiles directory location, if the location is not created BADM has the ability to create one for you
  • badm stow <FILE> - store a file in the dotfiles directory, create a symlink at the original source of the stowed file.
  • badm deploy <FILE> - for new configurations, create symlinks in directories relative to the dotfile's directory hierarchy. Directories to replicate the stored dotfile's directory structure will be created if not found.
  • badm restore <FILE> - restore the stored file from the dotfiles directory and replace the symlink with the original file



Includes the commands used by the badm crate/application.


Includes paths/fs-specific helper functions.



Handles and saves configuration variables between application calls.


Struct used to traverse directories and collect entries located within.


Moves, stores, and creates files and symlinks.