Struct backtracer_core::Frame[][src]

pub struct Frame { /* fields omitted */ }

A trait representing one frame of a backtrace, yielded to the trace function of this crate.

The tracing function’s closure will be yielded frames, and the frame is virtually dispatched as the underlying implementation is not always known until runtime.


impl Frame[src]

pub fn ip(&self) -> *mut u8[src]

Returns the current instruction pointer of this frame.

This is normally the next instruction to execute in the frame, but not all implementations list this with 100% accuracy (but it’s generally pretty close).

It is recommended to pass this value to backtrace::resolve to turn it into a symbol name.

pub fn symbol_address(&self) -> *mut u8[src]

Returns the starting symbol address of the frame of this function.

This will attempt to rewind the instruction pointer returned by ip to the start of the function, returning that value. In some cases, however, backends will just return ip from this function.

The returned value can sometimes be used if backtrace::resolve failed on the ip given above.

Trait Implementations

impl Debug for Frame[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl Send for Frame

impl Sync for Frame

impl Unpin for Frame

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