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The Minecraft world representation used in Azalea.



  • A compact list of integers with the given number of bits per entry.
  • A single chunk in a world (16*?*16 blocks). This only contains the blocks and biomes. You can derive the height of the chunk from the number of sections, but you need a ChunkStorage to get the minimum Y coordinate.
  • A storage for chunks where they’re only stored weakly, so if they’re not actively being used somewhere else they’ll be forgotten. This is used for shared worlds.
  • A world where the chunks are stored as weak pointers. This is used for shared worlds.
  • A container of Instances (aka worlds). Instances are stored as a Weak pointer here, so if no clients are using an instance it will be forgotten.
  • An efficient storage of chunks for a client that has a limited render distance. This has support for using a shared ChunkStorage.
  • PartialInstances are usually owned by clients, and hold strong references to chunks and entities in Instances.
  • A section of a chunk, i.e. a 161616 block area.