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Protocol-agnostic types for smithy-rs.



  • A thin wrapper over base64-simd
  • Types for representing the body of an HTTP request or response
  • ByteStream Abstractions
  • A typemap for storing configuration. Layers and layered bags of configuration data.
  • DateTime type for representing Smithy timestamps.
  • Smithy Endpoint Types
  • Errors for Smithy codegen
  • Types relevant to event stream serialization/deserialization
  • Utilities for formatting and parsing primitives
  • This module defines types that describe when to retry given a response.
  • UTF-8 string byte buffer representation with validation amortization.
  • This module defines types that describe timeouts that can be applied to various stages of the Smithy networking stack.
  • Utilities for type erasure.


  • Binary Blob Type