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Core HTTP primitives for service clients generated by smithy-rs including:

  • HTTP Body implementation
  • Endpoint support
  • HTTP header deserialization
  • Event streams
rt-tokioProvides features that are dependent on tokio including the ByteStream::from_path util
event-streamProvides Sender/Receiver implementations for Event Stream codegen.


  • Code for resolving an endpoint (URI) that a request should be sent to
  • Provides Sender/Receiver implementations for Event Stream codegen.
  • Utilities for parsing information from headers
  • Formatting values as Smithy httpLabel
  • Types for representing the interaction between a service an a client, referred to as an “operation” in smithy. Clients “send” operations to services, which are composed of 1 or more HTTP requests.
  • Utilities for writing Smithy values into a query string.