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Core HTTP primitives for service clients generated by smithy-rs including:

  • HTTP Body implementation
  • Endpoint support
  • HTTP header deserialization
  • Event streams
  • ByteStream: a misuse-resistant abstraction for streaming binary data
rt-tokioProvides features that are dependent on tokio including the ByteStream::from_path util
event-streamProvides Sender/Receiver implementations for Event Stream codegen.


ByteStream Abstractions

A module for traits that define callbacks that will be called at specific points in an HTTP request’s lifecycle.

Provides Sender/Receiver implementations for Event Stream codegen.

Utilities for parsing information from headers

HTTP Version-related code

Formatting values as Smithy httpLabel

This modules defines the core, framework agnostic, HTTP middleware interface used by the SDK

Utilities for writing Smithy values into a query string.

Result wrapper types for success and failure responses.

HTTP specific retry behaviors


Pins a value on the stack.