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A Hyper-based Smithy service client.

event-streamProvides Sender/Receiver implementations for Event Stream codegen.
rt-tokioRun async code with the tokio runtime
test-utilInclude various testing utils
native-tlsUse native-tls as the HTTP client’s TLS implementation
rustlsUse rustls as the HTTP client’s TLS implementation
client-hyperUse hyper to handle HTTP requests



  • This module holds convenient short-hands for the otherwise fairly extensive trait bounds required for call and friends.
  • Type aliases for standard connection types.
  • Extremely Experimental Test Connection
  • Type-erased variants of Client and friends.
  • Default connectors based on what TLS features are active. Also contains HTTP-related abstractions that enable passing HTTP connectors around.
  • Implementation of SmithyConnector for Hyper
  • Test connectors that never return data
  • Retry support
  • Module with client connectors useful for testing.
  • Timeout Configuration


  • Helper to generate match expressions for events
  • Helper macro to generate a series of test expectations