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Crate Organization

The entry point for most customers will be Client. Client exposes one method for each API offered by the service.

Some APIs require complex or nested arguments. These exist in model.

Lastly, errors that can be returned by the service are contained within error. Error defines a meta error encompassing all possible errors that can be returned by the service.

The other modules within this crate and not required for normal usage.


Examples can be found here.


pub use config::Config;
pub use client::Client;


Client and fluent builders for calling the service.

Configuration for the service.

Errors that can occur when calling the service.

Input structures for operations.

Data structures used by operation inputs/outputs.

All operations that this crate can perform.

Output structures for operations.

Presigned request types and configuration.


App name that can be configured with an AWS SDK client to become part of the user agent string.

Binary Blob Type

Stream of binary data

AWS SDK Credentials

DateTime in time.

API Endpoint

The region to send requests to.

Retry configuration for requests.


All possible error types for this service.

Failed SDK Result


Crate version number.


S3-specific service error additions.