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pub use hooks::state;
pub use hooks::vec;
pub use hooks::Context;
pub use tracked::Tracked;


Provides useful hooks and supporting utilities.

Holds platform-specific rendering interfaces.

A reference-counted interior-mutable type designed to reduce runtime borrow rule violations.

Holds types and macros used for propogating and tracking data updates.


Takes a list of identifiers terminated by a semicolon and expression. Each identifier is cloned, and made available to the expression. The macro evaluates to that expression. This is useful for passing things like state and setters to multiple component props.

Unwraps and propogates a Tracked value.

Returns whether the given Tracked value has been updated.


A reference-counted type that holds an instance of a component. Component functions must return a View.


The trait representing a component.

Attribute Macros

An attribute macro used to define components.