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Crate autosar-data

This crate provides functionality to read, modify and write Autosar arxml files, both separately and in projects consisting of multiple files.


  • read and write arxml files
  • fully validate all data when it is loaded
  • non-strict mode so that invalid but structurally sound data can be loaded
  • various element operations to modify and create sub-elements, data and attributes
  • support for Autosar paths and cross references
  • all operations are thread safe, e.g. it is possible to load mutliple files on separate threads


use autosar_data::*;
/* load a multi-file data model */
let model = AutosarModel::new();
let (file_1, warnings_1) = model.load_file("some_file.arxml", false)?;
let (file_2, warnings_2) = model.load_file("other_file.arxml", false)?;
/* load a buffer */
let (file_3, _) = model.load_buffer(buffer, "filename.arxml", true)?;

/* write all files of the model */

/* alternatively: */
for file in model.files() {
    let file_data = file.serialize();
    // do something with file_data

/* iterate over all elements in all files */
for (depth, element) in model.elements_dfs() {
    if element.is_identifiable() {
        /* the element is identifiable using an Autosar path */
        println!("{depth}: {}, {}", element.element_name(), element.path()?);
    } else {
        println!("{depth}: {}", element.element_name());

/* get an element by its Autosar path */
let pdu_element = model.get_element_by_path("/Package/Mid/PduName").unwrap();

/* work with the content of elements */
if let Some(length) = pdu_element
    .and_then(|elem| elem.character_data())
    .and_then(|cdata| cdata.string_value())
    println!("Pdu Length: {length}");

/* modify the attributes of an element */
pdu_element.set_attribute_string(AttributeName::Uuid, "12ab34cd-1234-1234-1234-12ab34cd56ef");

§Example Programs

Two complete example programs can be found in the examples directory of the source repostitory. They are:

  • businfo, which extracts information about bus settings, frames, pdus and signals from an autosar ECU extract
  • generate_files, which for each Autosar version generates an arxml file containing a least one instance of every specified element




  • Check a buffer to see if the content looks like arxml data
  • Check a file to see if it looks like an arxml file