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Automaat can help you automate mundane and repeated tasks in a flexible way.

Its goal is to provide a simplified, user-friendly, and highly-customisable interface that combines "customer support" software, job schedulers and ad-hoc shell scripts you might currently be using at your organisation.

Automaat consists of several core crates:

  • automaat-core (this one) – Provides the basic building blocks for the functionality of the other crates.
  • automaat-server – A server application, with an API to run processors, and persistent storage.
  • automaat-web-client – A WebAssembly-based application to interact with the server, and run processors.

There are also serveral existing processor implementations, each in their own crate:

Using the automaat-server crate, you can combine multiple processors into a single Pipeline, combined with a set of runtime Variables, to create easy-to-use workflows to perform a specific task.


This crate, automaat-core, provides the main Processor trait to create new processors, and run them.

It also provides access to the Context object, to share state between multiple processors in a single run.

If you want to write your own processor, be sure to check out the documentation of the Processor trait.



The Context is an object that can be shared across multiple processor runs for any required shared state.



Represents all the ways that a Context can fail.



The main trait to implement when creating a new Automaat processor.