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This crate provides a library for performing automatic differentiation.


The following example differentiates a 1D function defined by a closure.

use autodiff::*;
// Define a function `f(x) = e^{-0.5*x^2}`
let f = |x: FT<f64>| (-x * x / F::cst(2.0)).exp();

// Differentiate `f` at zero.
println!("{}", diff(f, 0.0)); // prints `0`

To compute the gradient of a function, use the function grad as follows:

use autodiff::*;
// Define a function `f(x,y) = x*y^2`
let f = |x: &[FT<f64>]| x[0] * x[1] * x[1];

// Differentiate `f` at `(1,2)`.
let g = grad(f, &vec![1.0, 2.0]);
println!("({}, {})", g[0], g[1]); // prints `(4, 4)`

Compute a specific derivative of a multi-variable function:

use autodiff::*;
// Define a function `f(x,y) = x*y^2`.
let f = |v: &[FT<f64>]| v[0] * v[1] * v[1];

// Differentiate `f` at `(1,2)` with respect to `x` (the first unknown) only.
let v = vec![
    F::var(1.0), // Create a variable.
    F::cst(2.0), // Create a constant.
println!("{}", f(&v).deriv()); // prints `4`

The following example shows how to compute a Jacobian product and evaluate the function at the same time.

use autodiff::*;
// Define a function `f(x,y) = (x*y^2, x/y)`.
let f = |v: &[FT<f64>]| vec![v[0] * v[1] * v[1], v[0]/v[1]];

// Compute the Jacobian of `f` at `x = (1,2)` multiplied by a vector `p = (3,4)`.
let xp = vec![
    F1::new(1.0, 3.0),
    F1::new(2.0, 4.0),
let jp = f(&xp);
println!("({}, {})", jp[0].value(), jp[1].value()); // prints `(4.0, 0.5)`
println!("({}, {})", jp[0].deriv(), jp[1].deriv()); // prints `(28.0, 0.5)`


pub use forward_autodiff::*;


This module defines forward automatic differentiation. This mode of autodiff is most efficient when computing derivatives with more inputs than outputs. It is also useful for computing Jacobian products (see crate root docs for examples).


Generic trait for floating point numbers

An interface for casting between machine scalars.

Defines a multiplicative identity element for Self.

A generic trait for converting a value to a number.

Defines an additive identity element for Self.