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aurelius is a complete solution for rendering and previewing markdown.

This crate provides a server that can render and update an HTML preview of markdown without a client-side refresh. The server listens for both WebSocket and HTTP connections on arbitrary ports. Upon receiving an HTTP request, the server renders a page containing a markdown preview. Client-side JavaScript then initiates a WebSocket connection which allows the server to push changes to the client.

This crate was designed to power vim-markdown-composer, a markdown preview plugin for Neovim, but it may be used to implement similar plugins for any editor. See vim-markdown-composer for a usage example.

aurelius follows stable Rust. However, the API currently unstable and may change without warning.


This crate is inspired by suan's instant-markdown-d.

Why the name?

"Aurelius" is a Roman gens (family name) shared by many famous Romans, including emperor Marcus Aurelius, one of the "Five Good Emperors." The gens itself originates from the Latin aureus meaning "golden." Also, tell me that "Markdown Aurelius" isn't a great pun.

Aurelia (gens) on Wikipedia.



Functions for interacting with browser processes.


Error types.


Functions for rendering markdown.



Configuration for the server.


A handle to an active preview server.


An instance of the a markdown preview server.