Struct atsame54n19a_pac::DCB[][src]

pub struct DCB { /* fields omitted */ }

Debug Control Block


impl DCB[src]

pub fn enable_trace(&mut self)[src]

Enables TRACE. This is for example required by the peripheral::DWT cycle counter to work properly. As by STM documentation, this flag is not reset on soft-reset, only on power reset.

pub fn disable_trace(&mut self)[src]

Disables TRACE. See DCB::enable_trace() for more details

pub fn is_debugger_attached() -> bool[src]

Is there a debugger attached? (see note)

Note: This function is reported not to work on Cortex-M0 devices. Per the ARM v6-M Architecture Reference Manual, “Access to the DHCSR from software running on the processor is IMPLEMENTATION DEFINED”. Indeed, from the Cortex-M0+ r0p1 Technical Reference Manual, “Note Software cannot access the debug registers.”

impl DCB[src]

pub const PTR: *const RegisterBlock[src]

Pointer to the register block

pub const fn ptr() -> *const RegisterBlock[src]

Returns a pointer to the register block (to be deprecated in 0.7)

Trait Implementations

impl Deref for DCB[src]

type Target = RegisterBlock

The resulting type after dereferencing.

impl Send for DCB[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl !Sync for DCB

impl Unpin for DCB

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