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Atomic Bitfield

Provides a bitfield abstraction for the core atomic types. This crate is no_std compatible by default, and does not itself use any unsafe code.

Note: On stable this crate assumes the presence of the following atomics which may cause compilation to fail on certain platforms.

  • Atomic{U,I}32 and smaller
  • Atomic{U,I}size
  • Atomic{U,I}64 on 64 bit platforms

The nightly feature of this crate enables target_has_atomic and uses that instead to detect which atomic types are available.

Usage Example

use core::sync::atomic::{AtomicU8, Ordering::Relaxed};
use atomic_bitfield::AtomicBitField as _;

let flags = AtomicU8::new(0b1000);

let prev_state = flags.set_bit(0, Relaxed);
assert_eq!(prev_state, false);
assert_eq!(flags.load(Relaxed), 0b1001);

let prev_state = flags.toggle_bit(3, Relaxed);
assert_eq!(prev_state, true);
assert_eq!(flags.load(Relaxed), 0b0001);

let prev_state = flags.swap_bit(0, false, Relaxed);
assert_eq!(prev_state, true);
assert_eq!(flags.load(Relaxed), 0b0000);



Generic trait for manipulating bits atomically.