[][src]Crate atelier_lib

Combined crate for all Atelier sub-crates incorporated as features. Atelier is a Rust native library, and tools, for the AWS Smithy Interface Definition Language.

The aim of this crate is to provide a single client interface over a set of crates that provide different Atelier capabilities. The following table shows the mapping from individual crate to the combined module path in this library. The column Default indicates those that are included in the default feature, although the core will be included regardless of any feature selection.

Feature nameDefaultIndividual crateTarget module pathPurpose
N/AYesatelier_coreatelier_lib::coreCore models only.
"json"Noatelier_jsonatelier_lib::format::jsonReading and Writing JSON AST representation.
"openapi"Noatelier_openapiatelier_lib::format::openapiReading and Writing OpenAPI representations.
"smithy"Yesatelier_smithyatelier_lib::format::smithyReading and Writing the Smithy native representation.


pub use atelier_core as core;



This module provides functions that wrap common actions into single entry points.


Child modules that implement Reader and Writer for specific representations.