[][src]Crate atelier_json

Reads and writes the JSON AST representation described in the specification.

As that there is no separate model-level namespace, all shape names have been made absolute in this representation. This is a problem when constructing the model, if there are shapes from different namespaces present the parser will return an error at this time.


The following JSON demonstrates the structure of the AST format.

    "smithy": "1.0",
    "metadata": {
        "authors": [
    "shapes": {
        "smithy.example#MyString": {
            "type": "string",
            "traits": {
                "smithy.api#documentation": "My documentation string",
                "smithy.api#tags": [
        "smithy.example#MyList": {
            "type": "list",
            "member": {
                "target": "smithy.api#String"
        "smithy.example#MyStructure": {
            "type": "structure",
            "members": {
                "stringMember": {
                    "target": "smithy.api#String",
                    "traits": {
                        "smithy.api#required": {}
                "numberMember": {
                    "target": "smithy.api#Integer"

The following will parse the model above.

use atelier_core::io::read_model_from_string;
use atelier_json::io::JsonReader;

let mut reader = JsonReader::default();
let result = read_model_from_string(&mut reader, JSON);
if result.is_err() {
    println!("{:?}", result);
println!("{:#?}", result.unwrap());



Provides both JsonReader and JsonWriter implementations.