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§Async runtime agnostic facilities

§For library crates:

  • task::spawn to spawn tasks in runtime agnostic way.
  • select to multiplex asynchronous futures simultaneously
  • Feature test to enable #[asyncs::test] to test in a sample runtime.

§For binary crates:

  • Feature tokio to toggle support for tokio.
  • Feature smol to toggle support for smol builtin global executor.
  • Feature async-global-executor to toggle support for async-global-executor.

Uses environment variable SPAWNS_GLOBAL_SPAWNER to switch global executor if there are multiple ones. See spawns for how to compat with task::spawn.


  • Utilities to synchronize among asynchronous tasks
  • Spawn, join and cancel tasks in runtime agnostic way


  • Select multiplex asynchronous futures simultaneously


Attribute Macros§

  • Converts async function to test against a sample runtime.