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This is a minimal interface for the Kraken exchange Websockets API using the async-std runtime.

This crate will handle the auth token adquisition and automatically add it to all private messages send to Kraken.


To use the private connection you will need to generate an API-Key and an API-Secret to authenticate to the desired Kraken account.
How to generate an API key pair?


Private and public channels can’t be mixed, so you will need to create a KrakenWSHandler for each type.

To create a handler for the public channels use KrakenWS::run_public, and for a private handler use KrakenWS::run_private.

Apart from the key and secret parameters for the private handler, both methods require a callback having a Value JSON object as input. This callback will be used when receiving messages from Kraken for the data to be handled.

The base subscribable channels have their own methods, but they can be bypassed using send_private or send_public plus a Value payload. Remember that the auth token is added automatically to all private messages.

Read the Kraken documentation to understand the messages.


use async_kraken_ws::client::KrakenWS;
fn get_keys() -> (String, String) {
    let content = std::fs::read_to_string("key").expect("File not found");
    let lines: Vec<&str> = content.lines().collect();
    let key = String::from(lines[0]);
    let secret = String::from(lines[1]);
    (key, secret)
async fn main() {
    let (api_key, api_secret) = get_keys();
    let kpr = KrakenWS::run_private(|x| println!("{}", x.to_string()), api_key, api_secret).await;
    let _ = kpr.subscribe_open_orders().await;
    let _ = kpr.subscribe_own_trades().await;
    let kpu = KrakenWS::run_public(|x| println!("{}", x.to_string())).await;
    let _ = kpu.subscribe_ticker(vec!["XBT/EUR"]).await;
    let _ = kpu.subscribe_ohlc(vec!["XBT/EUR"], 1).await;
    let _ = kpu.subscribe_book(vec!["XBT/EUR"], 100).await;
    let _ = kpu.subscribe_spread(vec!["XBT/EUR"]).await;
    let _ = kpu.subscribe_trade(vec!["XBT/EUR"]).await;
    loop {
        let _ =;
        let _ =;


This software comes without any kind of warranties.
You are the sole responsible of your gains or loses.