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A library that provides ASCII-only string and character types, equivalent to the char, str and String types in the standard library.

Please refer to the readme file to learn about the different feature modes of this crate.

Minimum supported Rust version

The minimum Rust version for 1.1.* releases is 1.41.1. Later 1.y.0 releases might require newer Rust versions, but the three most recent stable releases at the time of publishing will always be supported.
For example this means that if the current stable Rust version is 1.70 when ascii 1.2.0 is released, then ascii 1.2.* will not require a newer Rust version than 1.68.


This package included the Ascii types that were removed from the Rust standard library by the 2014-12 reform of the std::ascii module. The API changed significantly since then.


Error that is returned when a sequence of u8 are not all ASCII.
AsciiStr represents a byte or string slice that only contains ASCII characters.
A growable string stored as an ASCII encoded buffer.
A copying iterator over the characters of an AsciiStr.
A mutable iterator over the characters of an AsciiStr.
An immutable iterator over the characters of an AsciiStr.
A possible error value when converting an AsciiString from a byte vector or string. It wraps an AsAsciiStrError which you can get through the ascii_error() method.
Error returned by ToAsciiChar.


An ASCII character. It wraps a u8, with the highest bit always zero.


Convert slices of bytes or AsciiChar to AsciiStr.
Convert mutable slices of bytes or AsciiChar to AsciiStr.
Convert vectors into AsciiString.
Convert char, u8 and other character types to AsciiChar.


Returns the control code represented by a caret notation letter, or None if the letter is not used in caret notation.
Terminals use caret notation to display some typed control codes, such as ^D for EOT and ^Z for SUB.