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AsSlice and AsMutSlice traits

These traits are somewhat similar to the AsRef and AsMut except that they are NOT polymorphic (no input type parameter) and their methods always return slices ([T]).

The main use case of these traits is writing generic code that accepts (fixed size) buffers. For example, a bound T: StableDeref + AsMutSlice<Element = u8> + 'static will accepts types like &'static mut [u8] and &'static mut [u8; 128] – all of them are appropriate for DMA transfers.

Minimal Supported Rust Version (MSRV)

This crate is guaranteed to compile on stable Rust 1.51 and up. It might compile on older versions but that may change in any new patch release.



Something that can be seen as an mutable slice


Something that can be seen as an immutable slice