Crate aren_alloc [] [src]

A thread-local memory allocator backed up by the concept of object pools, used to address the memory allocation needs of arendur.

This crate is useful when

  • you want to frequently create and destroy some objects
  • these objects are copyable small ones, with size under 256 bytes
  • you want the underlying memory to be reused
  • you want a unified interface for the pool, rather than a typed one


use aren_alloc::Allocator;
#[derive(Copy, Clone)]
struct Point(u32, u32);
let allocator = Allocator::new();
let p = allocator.alloc(Point(1, 2));
assert_eq!(p.0, 1);
assert_eq!(p.1, 2);



Allows allocation


A pointer to T, when dropped, the underlying memory would be recycled by the allocator.