[][src]Crate arangors

An ergonomic arangoDB client for rust.

arangors enables you to connect with arangoDB server, access to database, execute AQL query, manage arangoDB in an easy and intuitive way.

Philosophy of arangors

arangors is targeted at ergonomic, intuitive and OOP-like API for ArangoDB, both top level and low level API for users' choice.

Overall architecture of arangoDB:

databases -> collections -> documents/edges

In fact, the design of arangors just mimic this architecture, with a slight difference that in the top level, there is a connection object on top of databases, containing a HTTP client with authentication information in HTTP headers.

Hierarchy of arangors:

connection -> databases(cached) -> collections -> documents/edges


pub use crate::collection::Collection;
pub use crate::connection::Connection;
pub use crate::database::Database;
pub use crate::document::Document;
pub use crate::response::Cursor;
pub use crate::response::Error;
pub use crate::response::Response;
pub use crate::response::Success;
pub use crate::aql::AqlOption;
pub use crate::aql::AqlQuery;



Top level connection object that hold a http client (either synchronous or asynchronous), arango URL, and buffered accessible databases object.


database contains all struct and enum pertain to arangoDB "database" level.