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This crate contains a simplified driver for Rokid Air and Mad Gaze Glow AR glasses. It supports getting basic sensor data and setting up the display.

Example usage (in a thread, probably):

let mut glasses = any_glasses().unwrap();
loop {
    match glasses.read_event().unwrap() {
        GlassesEvent::Accelerometer(data) => ...,
        GlassesEvent::Gyroscope(data) => ...,
        GlassesEvent::Magnetometer(data) => ...,
        GlassesEvent::Misc(data) => ...,

As opposed to e.g. Rokid’s own API, this is all that you get, since this is what comes out of the hardware. To get quaternions, you should probably use a lib that implements Madgwicks algorithm or a proper EKF. One good choice is the eskf crate.



  • Structure to hold a typical 3D sensor value (accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetomer)


  • Display mode used by [Glasses::set_display_mode]
  • Possible errors resulting from ar-drivers API calls
  • AR glasses sensor event, got from [Glasses::read_event]


  • Common interface for AR implemented glasses


  • Convenience function to detect and connect to any of the supported glasses