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aparato is a library that can provide you with information about one or all your connected PCI devices.


A quick example to get started is to run the following chunk of code:

use aparato::{Device, PCIDevice};

fn main() {
    let device = PCIDevice::new("00:02.0");
    println!("{:?}", device);

Information about 02:00.0 should be printed to the screen. There’s always a chance that the address you provided to Device::new() could be non-existant, which will result in an empty object being returned.

If you’re unsure what PCI device you want to query, you can let Fetch do that for you. It can return a list of PCI devices with all their information.


This module contains a crucial enum, DeviceClass, that you can use when working with Fetch.


A trait that provides the necessary methods which can initialize a single PCIDevice and fetch its information.

A trait that provides a set of methods which can fetch the information of multiple PCI devices all at once.

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