Function anyhow::Ok

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pub fn Ok<T>(t: T) -> Result<T>
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Equivalent to Ok::<_, anyhow::Error>(value).

This simplifies creation of an anyhow::Result in places where type inference cannot deduce the E type of the result — without needing to write Ok::<_, anyhow::Error>(value).

One might think that anyhow::Result::Ok(value) would work in such cases but it does not.

error[E0282]: type annotations needed for `std::result::Result<i32, E>`
  --> src/
11 |     let _ = anyhow::Result::Ok(1);
   |         -   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ cannot infer type for type parameter `E` declared on the enum `Result`
   |         |
   |         consider giving this pattern the explicit type `std::result::Result<i32, E>`, where the type parameter `E` is specified