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Encrypt and decrypt Ansible Vault files

This library provides methods to encrypt and decrypt ansible vault data, in 1.1 format It exposes six methods:

  • encrypt : Encrypt the input to a string without header $ANSIBLE_VAULT;1.1;AES256 nor indentation,
  • encrypt_vault : Encrypt the input, and format like ansible (with header and indentation),
  • encrypt_vault_from_file : Encrypt the given file (wrapper for encrypt_vault)
  • decrypt : Decrypt a message string without header nor indentation
  • decrypt_vault : Decrypt a vault intput (with header and optionally indentation)
  • decrypt_vault_from file : Decrypt an ansible vault from file (wrapper for decrypt_vault)


Simple usage

use ansible_vault::{encrypt_vault, decrypt_vault};
let lipsum = "Lorem ipsum dolor…";
let encoded = encrypt_vault(lipsum.as_bytes(),"5Up€rs3creT").unwrap();
let decoded = decrypt_vault(encoded.as_bytes(), "5Up€rs3creT").unwrap();
let decoded_str = String::from_utf8(decoded).unwrap();
assert_eq!(lipsum, decoded_str);


The error type for decrypting Ansible vaults.


Decrypt ansible-vault payload (without header, no indentation nor carriage returns)
Decrypt an ansible vault formated stream
Decrypt an ansible vault file using a key.
Encrypt message to string without formatting (no header, no carriage returns)
Encrypt a message to an ansible vault formated string
Encrypt a file to an ansible_vault string