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Amiwô - API Documentation

Hello, and welcome to the core Amiwô API documentation! This crate contains both various utility functions & types that I used across several applications as well as contribution to other third party modules


Each module in this library is held behind a feature flag. The present feature list is below, with an asterisk next to the features that are enabled by default:

  • "rest" => Rocket extension
  • "json" => Serde extension

The recommend way to include features from this crate via Cargo in your project is by adding a [dependencies.amiwo] section to your Cargo.toml file, setting default-features to false, and specifying features manually. For example, to use the Rocket module, you would add:

version = "*"
default-features = false
features = ["rest"]

This crate is expected to grow with time, adding new elements to outside crates