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Amethyst Physics

The amethyst_physics crate, provides an easy to use, interface to control any physics engine; as long as they implement the PhysicsBackend.

Doesn't exist the perfect physics engine that is good in all situations, and may be necessary try more engines in order to use the one that perform better depending on the game needs. Even worst, sometimes is not obvious from the start that a physics engine is not meant to do a specific task, (which unfortunately is even the main feature of the game), and when it get realized is too late.

To avoid this unpredictable, and not cute, surprises; amethyst_physics allow to change at any stage of the game development, the physics engine without changing any part of the game. At the same time, amethyst_physics doesn't force to use the physics engine through its interfaces. In this way, when a physics engine provides a special functionality, that doesn't fit the amethyst_physics concept, it is still possible to use.

The interface is broken in servers (available servers), and each of them provides access to a specific part part of the engine. For example, is possible to create a new world using the function create_world.

How to initialize amethyst_physics?

Initialize amethyst_physics is really simple, and the only thing that you need to do is to register the PhysicsBundle.

This example is not tested
use amethyst_physics::PhysicsBundle;
use amethyst::amethyst_nphysics::NPhysicsBackend;

let game_data = GameDataBuilder::default()
    .with_bundle(PhysicsBundle::<f32, NPhysicsBackend>::new()).unwrap()

That's it! Enjoy! Physicsing



This module contains the necessary functions to convert an Amethyst f32 object to generic physics object.


This module contains all object types (like the physics tags) that are exposed trough amethyst_physics.


Contains common types that can be glob-imported (*) for convenience.


The servers are the amethyst_physics interfaces, that is possible to use in order to control ary physics engine that implements them.



To use the amethyst_physics crate is necessary to register the PhysicsBundle as show below.


This resource is used by amethyst_physics to keep track of the physics time.



This trait, is used to create a PhysicsWorld object, which contains the physics servers.


amethyst_physics real