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Always-Equal lets you wrap PartialEq implementations around things that cannot be compared, like a File.

To use Always-Equal, put these two conditional use statements in your module:

#[cfg (test)]
use always_equal::test::AlwaysEqual;
#[cfg (not (test))]
use always_equal::prod::AlwaysEqual;

Then wrap AlwaysEqual around anything that needs PartialEq but can’t possibly implement it:

use std::fs::File;
use always_equal::test::AlwaysEqual;
#[derive (Debug, PartialEq)]
pub struct MyStruct {
	pub b: bool,
	pub i: i64,
	pub file: AlwaysEqual <File>,
// In test code, you can create an empty wrapper using
// `testing_blank`, which is equal to any other wrapper:
let expected = MyStruct {
	b: true,
	i: 0,
	file: AlwaysEqual::testing_blank (),
let actual = MyStruct {
	b: true,
	i: 0,
	file: my_file.into (),
assert_eq! (expected, actual);

This is implemented with Option in test mode. In production mode, wrappers are never equal to any other wrapper, and the Option is removed so that sizeof::<AlwaysEqual <T>> () == sizeof::<T> should be true.



Should be used for non-test builds


Should be used for test builds