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This crate contains macros that make creating bitfields more intuitive.

It is an alternative way of what 'Rust Compiler Team Bitflags' do. It is not similar to C bitflags but it may be a bit easier to read and use in some cases. Furthermore, this crate does not conflict with 'Rust Compiler Team Bitflags' and you can use both as it must be okay.


// Create some structure which will act like a bitfield structure.
struct Something(i64);

impl Something {

    // Create ReadWrite flag called 'present' (or shorthand 'p').
    // To set a value use 'set_p' or 'set_present'.
    // Flag position is bit number 0.
    flag_rw!(p, set_p, present, set_present, 0);

    // Create ReadOnly flag 'extended' (and 'e') at position 1.
    flag_ro!(e, extended, 1);

    // Shorter version of a flag_rw! macro.
    flag_rw!(a, set_a, 2);

    // Shorter version of a flag_ro! macro.
    flag_ro!(b, 3);

fn main() {
    let mut something = Something(0);

    // This means the same thing:
    if (something.p()) { /* ... */ }
    if (something.present()) { /* ... */ }

    // As does this:



Create read-only flag.


Create read-write flag.