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Alphanumeric Sort

This crate can help you sort order for files and folders whose names contain numerals.

Motives and Examples

With the Rust native sort method, strings and paths are arranged into lexicographical order. It's natural, but in some cases, it is not so intuitive. For example, there are screen snap shots named by shot-%N like shot-2, shot-1, shot-11. After a lexicographical sorting, they will be ordered into shot-1, shot-11, shot-2. However, we would prefer shot-1, shot-2, shot-11 mostly.

let mut names = ["shot-2", "shot-1", "shot-11"];


assert_eq!(["shot-1", "shot-11", "shot-2"], names);

Thus, in this kind of case, an alphanumeric sort might come in handy.

extern crate alphanumeric_sort;

let mut names = ["shot-2", "shot-1", "shot-11"];

alphanumeric_sort::sort_str_slice(&mut names);

assert_eq!(["shot-1", "shot-2", "shot-11"], names);
extern crate alphanumeric_sort;

use std::path::Path;

let mut paths = [Path::new("shot-2"), Path::new("shot-1"), Path::new("shot-11")];

alphanumeric_sort::sort_path_slice(&mut paths);

assert_eq!([Path::new("shot-1"), Path::new("shot-2"), Path::new("shot-11")], paths);



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